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A Primer on Mushroom Essences

Flower essences have had a long standing relationship with traditional forms of medicine and healing dating back to thousands of years. From an Alchemical perspective the “essence” can be perceived as a more subtle dynamic of the herb or mushroom and there are many ways to attain them.

MycoBreathe: Fungi for Respiratory Support

In light of the recent global events, most people on the planet have bought out all the elderberry to go along with their toilet paper supply. Meanwhile some folks are supporting their immune systems with a species you may not have considered adding to your cabinet - our friendly fungi! There are over 120,000 species of described fungi, many of which have been used as medicine for thousands of years.1 All of the researched medicinal mushrooms show promising benefit to the immune system, and some have a specific affinity for the respiratory system.1,7 The global pandemic has brought to light a plethora of both false and true claims, but luckily for the fungi, there is plenty of research and historical evidence to support their immune bolstering effects.

Doctrine of Signatures & Correspondences in Fungi

Understanding archetypal forces and their correspondences with the things we work with in our lives give us deeper levels of insight into their nature, and so much of that understanding comes down to observation. Through this practice and awareness it is possible not only to expand your relationship to life and matter, but to the underlying patterns as well.

Introduction to Spagyrics

From a cosmological perspective the concept and practice of Spagyrics is beautifully simple; based on the inherit patterns recognized in nature. However, this art is often obfuscated through over-complication and misunderstanding. It is with hope that this article can demystify the art and practice of Spagyrics enough that it can be grasped by the novice and elucidated upon for the mildly initiated.

Know your source

The Fruiting Body       Within the world of supplements, and especially mushroom supplements, there is often a lack of transparency around where the mushrooms that you are consuming come from, and even whether...