Spagyric (Spa-jeer-ick)


Spao - Separate Agiero - Re-awaken


An intensive three-part extraction process that results in potent and highly-absorbable extracts, capturing and harmonizing the body, soul, and spirit of each mushroom.


Each of the local mushrooms we source undergoes a unique three-part process yielding a potent and holistic final tincture known as a Spagyric Tincture.


1. We start by creating with an ethanol extraction using Organic Cane Alcohol in our soxhlet extractors, which allows for a comprehensive extraction of the volatile compounds under gentle heat.

2. Next, we use a hydro extraction with distilled water to attain the fixed compounds from the mushrooms, primarily the fungal beta-glucans. The soxhlet extractor, which is a closed system, enables us to capture the mushrooms full consistency while still capturing all of the subtle volatiles.

3. We then extract the fungi’s mineral salts from the “spent” mushroom material capturing fine mineral salts which we then imbibe into the tincture. These mineral salts are a complex of trace minerals support the body in absorption.


The end result is a truly holistic mushroom extract that is unlike any on the market, one in which you can actually see, taste and feel the difference.

We look at  the laboratory and the flask in which we process as the
Microcosm that mirrors the Macrocosm. The below that mimics and captures the above. In this way, the vital force that would otherwise return to the firmament is captured within the universe of our flask


Locally Sourced

Crafted from 100% US-grown or wild-harvested fruit bodies


Locally Crafted

Extracted from start to finish at our facility in Estacada, OR


Potent & Holistic

Unique 3-part extraction process yields potent full-spectrum products


Pure Products

100% grain and major allergen-free - no unnecessary fillers