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Mushrooms are amazing, but sometimes it can be hard knowing which is best for you. Not to worry! Our quiz will help you determine which of our extracts are best suited to your specific needs.

Holistic mushroom products, made with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients.


Our Secret to High Potency

We extract with a process specifically developed for mushrooms, it's why we're the most effective. Our unique extraction process sets us apart, guaranteeing the most effective results.


Feel Better With Just 1 ml/Day

Total body support doesn’t get easier than this. Our high potency extracts are effective at 1 dropperful per day which is half the recommended starting dose of other brands.


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.98 average
213 reviews

"My choice is lions mane for clarity and nerves. I love this product and like to use 2 droppers full 2 times a day in water. I feel a positive reduction in my general daily nerve pain"

Kamyar M. Hedayat

MD Medical Director, Full Spectrum Health: An Endobiogeny Medical Center

"After using numerous mushroom tinctures, I've found their alchemical process to be far more effective at getting to the root of my health challenges. Myco Digest and Reishi are my current wellness allies."

Melissa Abbott

"I've been taking the Myco-Clarity tincture for about two months and have definitely noticed a clearing of mental fatigue. I've been better able to focus on thought-intensive computer work."

Madeline DeCotes

"I love Feral Fungi products! I purchased the planetary set and I couldn't be more impressed with the quality of the product, inside and out. I wanted a full spectrum medicine I could trust and I found it with Feral Fungi. Thank you!"

Hyacinth Burrowes