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Nourish your mind and nervous system with Myco-Clarity

Our most simple formula is one of our most effective. Nourishing the nervous system and promoting healthy neural tissue growth, clarity, and energy. Everyone can use a little clarity.

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The Mushroom Spagyrics at Feral Fungi are superb. They have helped me treat many challenging cases and offer unique treatments not found in other preparations of mushrooms. I highly  recommend [their] products.

My choice is lions mane for clarity and nerves. I love this product and like to use 2 droppers full 2 times a day in water. I feel a positive reduction in my general daily nerve pain...This is a powerful product full of integrity and I’m very happy to be including it in my daily regimen once again.

I've been taking the Myco-Clarity tincture for about two months and have definitely noticed a clearing of mental fatigue. I've been better able to focus on thought-intensive computer work.

Everyone should try Feral Fungi’s tinctures. My favorite is the Lion’s Mane, but honestly all of them are so great and delicious that none should be left behind. I found them out west and now being in Illinois I’m super happy I can get these to my door. Thank you guys for all your love and hard work!

I love Feral Fungi products! I purchased the planetary set and I couldn't be more impressed with the quality of the product, inside and out. The spagyrics themselves are potent and pure fungal medicine and the packaging they arrived in make it an uplifting daily ritual. It arrived quickly and as expected, and now I can't stop sharing this with my friends. I wanted a full spectrum medicine I could trust and I found it with Feral Fungi. Thank you!

In early 2019 I was on the hunt for the most potent mushroom extracts available to the public. I had recently come to learn that the leading brand in the marketplace was producing rather weak tinctures that didn't seem to be imparting the benefits I was seeking. Through my research I learned about Spagyric extractions and decided to seek them out. Upon drawing the first dropper-full of Feral Fungi's extracts it was immediately evident that they vastly more potent that what I was previously accustomed to. Based on the color, opacity, aroma, and flavor it is readily apparent that Feral Fungi Spagyrics are unequivically the most powerful mushroom extracts I have seen. Over the course of time I have experienced maximum physiological benefits using these extracts and incorporate a regimen of a combination of Feral Fungi's products daily... Feral Fungi is the only product line that I trust for the health and wellness of myself, my family, and friends.

Feral Fungi is my go-to recommendation for those wanting to experience the healing benefits of the mushroom kingdom! I have seen such wonderful and prominent benefits from the quality of these products that surpasses most of the stuff you'll find out there. I am so glad I found this brand and Jason, who is a wealth of knowledge in his field.