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Sheri Smith
Lovely products!

Lion’s Mane and Bear’s Head have been my go-to’s! They both help me to focus and have even improved my digestion. I’ve enjoyed the Lion’s Mane so much I’ve suggested to loads of friends.

Turkey tail

Seems more concentrated and potent than
tinctures produced by other makers. I am taking
several immune modulating tinctures to ameliorate
the effects of a rare cancer. Time will tell

Ilsa Olsen

Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)


Turkey Tail Mushrooms are essential to the immune system. Feral Fungi produces the real deal!

Turkey Tail - Magic Healing

I purchased 32oz of the Turkey Tail tincture for my 20 year old son as he had an undiagnosed lump on his neck near his thyroid - it initially was very small and we weren't worried about it, even though we had no idea what it was. Just a couple months after noticing it, it had grown 4 times in size. The procedures for diagnosing began at that point, but the urgency our family felt was not shared by the medical technicians and doctors, so we immediately began our own treatment, still not knowing what it was. 'IF' it were cancerous, we knew that Turkey Tail treatment could eradicate it (a lot of holistic studies out there prove this). We gave him a regiment for each day, and within 2.5 months the mass on his neck had decreased in size by 90%. It's pretty close to gone at this point. And we eventually received somewhat of a diagnosis in that it was cystic in nature and not a tumor. For many reasons, we concluded the Turkey Tail played a primary role in the nearly eradication of this cyst. Feral Fungi have extreme quality products, and they even went the extra mile in accommodating us and delivered the products personally to our front door (we live right around the corner from them :). They're absolutely amazing and we are grateful for them and thank them!